Holidays are usually reserved for the family or for a church trip if you are the religious type. But it is getting few that actually see Sunday as a holy day, and therefore the last day of the weekend is often used for much more than relaxation.

In fact, you can also borrow money on a Sunday, as the payday loan companies are open to applications. See more about borrowing money on a Sunday here.

Apply payday loan online 24 hours a day

If you go down to the bank to take out a payday loan on a Sunday, you will be disappointed. They have, of course, closed, but online payday loan providers accept applications around the clock. It therefore makes no difference when or what day you apply.

It is a great strength at the payday loan companies on the web. You can search whenever you like, even if you want to borrow money on a Sunday. The response time will be fast and can come within 1 hour with several providers.

In this way you can actually sit at home on the sofa one Sunday and find out who you want to search with. You just find the right payday loan company, fill out the application form and send it off. Once you have received the payday loan offer, you can easily evaluate and sign with your signature.

The payday loan agreement is then established and you can expect to receive the money on Monday. Since the weekend is not banking , it means that the money cannot come that day. The response times and payout times vary from company to company, and may include: depend on whether you are looking for consumer payday loans of 10000 kr or 40000 kr .

These and many more information will appear in the comparison overviews on our website.

The money comes first Monday

As mentioned, there are no banks, open on Sundays. And even if you do not intend to take out the payday loan at the bank, you are still dependent on their opening days. Because like you, payday loan companies also use banks for their transactions. So, therefore, they are dependent on the banking days.

This means that a payday loan company cannot hand over the money to you on a Sunday, because it is not a banking day . The same applies if you apply on a Saturday or any other public holiday. You can therefore first expect to see the money in the account on Monday, but the payday loan agreement itself can easily be made on a Sunday.

It is a good idea to take into account payout times and when you can expect the money before choosing an offer. Especially if it makes a difference to you. There may be special situations where you need the money quickly, where these details should be checked. Otherwise, you should basically have your focus on finding the cheapest offers and the lowest APR.

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