“I need urgent money,” blank “, how can I do?”

Is that what you’re wondering right now?

You’ve come to the right place!

Is an immediate 1-hour loan possible?

Below we explain as briefly but also as detailed as possible what the current solutions are for a very urgent loan.

Get the best online payday loans in the USA

We have found the best opportunities for almost instantaneous online financing but, in order not to leave out any interesting options, we have allowed ourselves to list also possibilities for immediate liquidity in the “offline” world.

We understand that you are in a hurry, which is why we advise you to read the next paragraph carefully.

Loans in an hour online? They are loans at 24/48 hours. Why? Make a clear distinction between outcome and delivery

We’ll tell you right away: no matter how beautiful the idea of ​​having a very urgent loan in an hour or a few hours may be, the reality is often not that.

In many cases, within an hour you can get the answer or the outcome of the loan request. Here we must distinguish another time whether the outcome is preliminary or definitive: Some banks give you a preliminary result immediately and then communicate the final result about 24 hours later, after reviewing all your documents.

On the other hand, for the provision of the loan online it is often necessary to wait between 24 and 48 hours, and this applies to the fastest solutions.

So: In reality, we are talking about an online loan with an outcome in one hour. All offers promise you money right away, but in reality, it is only the outcome that is instantaneous (or almost) and the supply is expected to last at least 24 or, more realistic, for 48 hours.

Before choosing an immediate loan on the internet, since it still takes a minimum of one or two days to be paid, we recommend that you consider to find a job.

The pawn shop for money immediately

The pawnshop has existed for many centuries and can boast of being the oldest system in the world to obtain liquidity immediately. If you have gold jewelry, the easiest solution to having money right away is to go to the pawnshop. Rightly to use them in no time you have to go to a place in the city.

Here’s how pawn credit works:

– bring your jewels, your watch or another gold item directly to the venue
– an evaluation will be made by a specialist. This will establish how much you can borrow
– withdraw the loan in cash directly and immediately on site.
– your credit expires after a predefined time, which can also be extended, depending on the bank. If after the deadline you have not repaid the credit granted, your pledged items will be sold at auction.

These three urgent financing solutions are the fastest and most feasible in an hour or a day, and they are also the least painful when it comes to having to repay the loan. Returning the money received on loan, let’s not forget, is always a commitment, but at least there will be no one who could report you as a bad payer in case you have to skip an installment or when you can’t manage to repay the loaned time.

Are none of the options feasible for you? In this case, here are the best immediate online loan solutions. Use this comparator to find the best loan for you quickly:

The best loans online with the immediate outcome

If you read this, you have not found an immediate financing solution between the “offline” ones and it was not enough to make a loan comparison with SuperMoney to get your loan. Keep thinking about getting a loan online immediately and we’re here to help you out.

Don’t lose hope: The big advantage of online loans is that they are usually faster than the loans you need at the bank counter.

However, as mentioned before, you will need to be sure that it will be a loan in 24-48 hours to find the money in the account – faster than that is unrealistic and you would only fool yourself.

Here are the 3 best personal loans online to have money right away!

Adams loan in 48 hours

One of the fastest solutions for an almost immediate loan comes from Adams.

You can request between 500 to 30,000 euros through this form and you will know the outcome within a few hours. On successful completion, Adams guarantees payment to your account within 48 hours.

Compass: different solutions for fast loans

Compass has different types of products designed to respond to people like you looking for fast loans. ask for an appointment today to talk to a consultant:

How much money can I take with an immediate loan?

This also depends on who offers the loans, but in general, it can be said that immediate online loans have a limit of money paid out. While a normal loan in the bank makes you wait a lot longer and you can ask for all the money you want, depending on your requirements, the immediate money usually does not exceed 70,000 euros.

Solutions NOT suitable for a loan in a few hours

In order not to waste your time during your research, we also tell you what types of online loans are NOT immediate.

Loans between private individuals

We also thought that online loans between private individuals were more immediate, but in your case, it is not a good idea and we explain why:

The money you request must be collected on a marketplace. Let’s talk about an average wait of 7-14 days to arrive at the desired sum.

Employee loans

Even the sale of the fifth is not ideal if you need an immediate loan: it is true, it is granted more easily because the criteria are limited rather on the fact that you have a permanent job or a pension.

But on the other hand, it takes time to come to an agreement between the various parties: you, the bank, the employer and the financial group that offers the assignment of the fifth on his terms.