If you are short of money for a larger expense than your budget allows, it may be a good idea to take a payday loan. It is an opportunity to borrow money for what you stand and are missing right now.

You have free limits and are therefore a good choice if you want to have the money you borrow yourself. But what documents should be presented at the application? We give you the answer here.

What documents should I use?

When you take a payday loan, it is important for your online provider or bank that they know you can repay the money again. Here you distinguish between with and without security. On the net, they are made without security, while the bank wants more security behind the loan to a greater extent.

In order for the lender to credit you, you must present a number of documents. Some providers do not require documentation, but this may be a good idea for yourself, as documentation often contributes to lower costs.

Here’s what you can typically send to documents.


First of all, you should mostly show off your payslips. They provide an insight into your finances and how high your income is monthly. They are important for the loan provider to know you have the economy to repay your loan in the long term. In addition, your finances can help determine your interest rate. The better your economy is, the lower an interest rate you can get.

Annual tax return

Your annual statement, like your payslips, gives you a good insight into your finances. The annual report shows what you have earned during the year and how much money you have to pay in tax based on this. As stated, it is important to showcase as a good economy allows you to get the best possible deal with your loan provider. A good economy gives the company good security.


The credentials may be required when searching the web. They know you in the bank, but that does not necessarily make the companies on the net. It can in principle be in never meet face to face. Therefore, most people ask for identification in the form of a number or the like.


The budget is primarily in the bank. Here you often have to present a budget that you prepare yourself. It is also a good idea for yourself, so you get a better insight into your availability each month. Always put a plan on how to repay the loan and where the repayment will come from.


We recommend that you have the necessary documentation ready, so that you get faster and easier through the application process at the various loan companies.


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