We live in the 21st century, and that gives you the freedom to choose whether to work on an indefinite employment contract for someone else, whether to practice a free job, whether to work on a civil contract or just to live in a retirement.

The possibilities to make your money as you like are really great, but …

What happens if you are in a crisis situation and need a small payday loan rather than a permanent contract? Is there a possibility for you to be granted a consumer payday loan, even if you do not own the covenant and you have no legal employment relationship with an employer and a labor contract?

Payday loan without a labor contract – is it possible?

Even if you are not currently in employment law, you can apply for a fast, fixed-term repayment payday loan. Not only can you do it, but you can be almost 100% sure that you will be approved for one. You just have to contact one of the payday loan companies that offer a payday loan without a contract of employment. Funding amounts can be from 2000 to 3300 levs.

Why ask for your payday loan from a non-bank payday loan organization rather than a bank?

Although banks have started to actively enter the field of high-speed micropayday loan and offer fast pay- as-you-go payday loans instead of consumer payday loans, one of their lending requirements is for the borrower to work on an open-ended contract or at least to provide some collateral on the payday loan. Apart from the existence of such a contract, banks also require an on-site visit to a bank branch, and payday loan approval is still awaited for at least a few days.

payday loan companies, on their part, not only provide payday loans without a labor contract but the application, approval and receipt of the desired payday loan takes no more than a few hours.

When can you request your payday loan online?

The easiest answer is: “When you need it!” When no one requires you to present lots of documents when the condition of being on a labor contract is not a requirement when you do not have to look for guarantors or provide collateral when you can apply for online payday loan without a guarantor , at which time you want it online entirely, it is up to you and whether or not to declare your desire for a payday loan without a contract.

What conditions do you have to meet if you are not on a labor contract but need a payday loan?

The terms are no different from the standard terms and conditions for applying for payday loan online. You must have an identity card, be a citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria and have permanent income.

Why should you contact us if you need urgent money?

We provide non-contract payday loan not because other payday loan companies offer another kind of financial product, but because we were in your place and we know how difficult it is to find a friend when you need it. We know how bad a person may feel when he needs a small payday loan and give up because he is not currently working on a contract. We also know what it is like to have urgent money, but to wait for days to see whether you are approved or not.

That is why we provide a non-labor online payday loan to all our clients. We provide online payday loans to people who are unemployed but receive income from the stock exchange, mothers currently in maternity, the liberal professions, everyone else who has a secure income, but just choose to follow their own path and not to work on a salary and an employment contract.

How can you apply for fast payday loan online with us?

We have tried to simplify and maximize the application process (less than 20 minutes). You just have to follow some simple steps that include:

  • Sign in to our page ;
  • fill out the payday loan application form;
  • you get a response from our payday loan inspectors within a few minutes;
  • you get your money in a convenient way for you through a bank transfer, a company office, or a cashier.

Can you claim a payday loan without a contract if you have a bad payday loan record?

If you have a bad payday loan history you can apply, and we will look at your request with great care. We will consider all the circumstances and give you an answer as quickly as possible. What you should not forget is that not only we, but all other bank and non-bank financial institutions, are very careful with clients with bad payday loan records, and it is very possible that your payday loan is denied or if you are granted be under more specific conditions.

Payday loan without a labor contract – is this financial product useful?

As non-bank financial organizations provide payday loans without the obligatory requirement for the borrower to work on a labor contract, those willing to benefit from this financial product have increased many times.

The speed of applying, approving and getting the desired quick payday loan, plus the opportunity to get a payday loan even if you do not have a labor contract is a great relief for a small part of the people in Bulgaria.

The quick payday loans that payday loan companies provide are really fast, very comfortable and there is no need to give any extra explanation of how the money will be spent.

Payday loan give freedom to anyone who needs a small payday loan to get it right away and to the extent that it needs.

So if you also need payday loan but do not work on a contract, do not look for friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Do not humiliate to ask, to wait and to worry if they will give you a little money on payday loan. Instead, look for us and we will help you quickly and correctly under conditions that are comfortable for you (read the terms and conditions for more information).

Do you need a payday loan without a labor contract? Take advantage of our services and find the solution to your problem!

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