Free payday loan are by no means everyday and it will surprise that it is actually possible to make online. There are 3 providers that offer all new customers a free loan option of 3,000 to 4,000 kroner.

Here you can borrow the money for 30 days and pay them back, without any interest and fees. A unique offer that clearly illustrates that the online market has become a strong alternative to the bank. Our company has recently changed their solution to a overdraft facility, without a specific maturity. That way, you have greater freedom as a customer.

Interest-free payday loan – but only for 30 days

When you apply as a new customer to the three loan providers, you can get an interest-free consumer loan, but only for 30 days. So it is only a short-term solution if you are in acute money problems. There can be many reasons for this and then this opportunity is fantastic.

Historically, the small mortgages have been among the most expensive on the market. So expensive that even small loans only give you an extra cost of 500-2,000 kroner. This is no longer the case and you should only be happy as a customer.


Obviously, , the right to you as a customer, just like any other provider. Here’s what to do with them:

  • You must be at least 20 or 23 years old
  • You must not stand in the RKI
  • You must be a Danish citizen

You will also find that the loan limits increase depending on how many times you have used the individual provider. It is an expression that a good relationship must be built up before you can apply for larger amounts on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times. So if you pay back on time, your options at these providers will improve every time.

You should at the same time know that you know these small amounts do not need to submit a lot of papers and documentation. Normally you should be able to present payslips and annual statements when you search the web. In the bank you also have to present the budget and the like.

Here you avoid the hassle, as your income has no influence on your options. This means that the application process is not only free for the first time, but also extremely easy to get through. We deserve that this unique opportunity deserves attention from all , so you do not pay unnecessarily many interest and fees.

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